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Monday, August 1, 2011

no news on expat kidnapped

The whereabouts of an Indian expat, Biju Kolara Veettil (36) who was abducted in the Philippines on June 23, remain unknown even after a month. Biju worked as Operations Manager at Brons Al-Taus Co and has been in Kuwait for the past 10 years, residing in Mangaf. He was kidnapped while visiting his wife Elina's hometown in the Philippines. No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the act, his wife's family said, and they have not received any ransom calls.

Biju's relatives who are in Kuwait have filed complaint with the Embassy of the Philippines. The embassy had responded by reporting the matter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines, which initiated a meeting between the Indian ambassador in the Philippines and the police general there. But so far, no trace has been found of the young man. His wife and children - Arjun (6) and Ajay (3) - who went from Kuwait on a vacation are still in the Philippines.

An official from the Philippines Embassy in Kuwait said the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila has set up a meeting between the Indian Ambassador in Manila and the Philippine National Police (PNP) Deputy Chief of Operations Raul Castaneda. The PNP has provided updates on Biju's situation. According to PNP, a Crisis Management Committee chaired by Patikul Mayor Kabir Harudin has been set in motion to address the early resolution of the case.

The Indian ambassador met with officials of the National Security Council (NSC) to discuss measures on how the case may be successfully resolved at the earliest. It advised the Indian Embassy not to be involved in negotiations with the kidnappers, and to allow the police authorities to devise the best way to ensure the victim's safe rescue.

According to PNP, abductors are believed to include Asman Salawadjan of the Abu Sayyaf group. A search is being conducted in Barangay Tempook and Barangay Tanum in the Palikul, Sulu area of the Philippines.

An official from the Philippines embassy added that it will schedule a meeting with the victim's family once it receives more relevant information from police authorities on the developments of rescue efforts undertaken by the Philippine government.

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