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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sound magic, an unusual mix by Prathijnan/പ്രതിജ്ഞന്‍
 Mimicry artiste and magician's entertainment never 'heard' before

It was a 20-minute show inserted in the Kozhikkode District  Association program at the Indian central School, Abbassiya on Friday  April, 4. But those 20 minutes were unforgettable, people who watched the show said.  Sounds of mosquito beeps-motor car race to 'Mummy Returns', spiced with real flute accompanied by drum sound by the  mouth were wonder to many ears on Friday.   The artiste, Prathijnan,  29, offered wonder to the eyes as well when he showed some of his
magic tricks like Chinese card manipulation and creating balls from the air and multiplying them. 'The magic for the kids and the sounds for the kids in the adults,' Prathijnan would say.

Born to a poor family in Engandiyoor, Thrisur, Prathijnan learned to  make the drum sound with his mouth because he 'could not afford to see  the real drums'. The observations went too sharp when he and his  mother, an Anganvadi teacher, took refuge under the table inside their  leaking house when it was raining. "I looked at the raindrops falling  on the mud floor as I sat under the table," Prathijnan said. Now that  sound is an item in his stage shows.

A BSc Chemistry graduate from Sri Krishna College, Guruvayoor,  Prathijnan never pursued academic studies. He went to magic shows of  Haridas, a local magician 'to observe and learn magic'. His ability to  amuse was caught by Vijaya TV which called him for an interview. The
time was 2006, the year Anyan, Shanker's blockbuster movie was  released. Prathijnan, already sporting a long-grown hair, imitated  Vikram, the Anyan star and was selected. Now Prathijnan works at Sun  TV doing a Rasikaraja show.

15 years into the limelight, Prathi, along with his juggler brother  Sreenadh, organizes a sound and magic show every year for his  villagers. The artiste also visits the old age home in Ramanattukara
to sing along with the mothers there.

Prathi who is never shy to reveal life's hard lessons said his  unforgettable moment on stage was in Mumbai. "On stage, flutist Navin  was playing the AR Rahman theme music of 'Bombay' on flute. I made the  sound of the waves with my mouth. As the audience clapped I told them:
 'On this beach, my father used to sell tender coconuts some years ago.'" 

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