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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boban and Molly cartoon jokes by Toms

1.       Why do women run to the jewelry shop? To catch a good price before it flares up!
2.       Tomorrow is our daughter’s marriage. Yesterday we booked a home nurse for the delivery.
3.       Asked in a bus conductor’s interview: how many sticks can you pack in a match box?
4.       The teashop owner changes his shop’s name according to seasons: Lord Shiva, St Thomas, Shajahan…
5.       He was a clerk at the Telephones. Now that he is deaf they moved him to the complaint section.
6.       Why do you have to advertise the golden jubilee of your marriage? Oh, just to let people know that we still are not separated.
7.       What! Do you kiss your husband every day when he returns from work? Yeah, to test if he’s drunk.
8.       A press photographer wanted to have a close look at the victim in a bus accident. As he could not break through the crowd, he screamed: the victim is my father! The crowd gave way for him only to see that the victim was a donkey.
9.       Where are you going with this this pig? Hey, this is not a pig. It’s a dog. Hey, my query was to the dog.
10.   Have you heard about the house owner who bombed his building to get rid of the tenant because he had to spend a fortune after he had filed a court case against his previous tenant?
11.    The children are sick. Well, we’ll go for homeopathy. Why? It’s summer vacation.
12.   So you are standing for the election. Let me know if you want to sell your land.  Oh, you won the election. Let me know if you want to buy any land.

13.   When the laborer was on top of a coconut tree, he thought of fooling the landlord who was a doctor. I demand, he said, another 100 rupees to get down from this tree. Well, you can remain there, said the landlord. In that case, I claim waiting charge. The landlord gave in. After a few weeks the laborer’s wife was admitted at the hospital for a surgery. I demand, said the doc, another 5000 rupees to complete the operation. Why, I have paid the whole amount, cried the laborer. Well, this is the stitching charge. (From the popular graphic cartoon series Boban and Molly by Toms)

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