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Saturday, February 27, 2010

number magic in our names

Kuwait Times had this ad in its classified pages a few weeks back: "Vinodkumar is changing his name to Vinodkumaar." While both names mean the same thing, the spelling change with an added 'a' means a lot to the name holder. The young Indian changed the spelling of his name because of a belief that in doing so he could bring prosperity to his life. It is Numerology, or the art and science of numbers. It's a joke for some, shock for others. It is gain-fame-through-name-game for many. At the same time, many people live by it and for it.

Vinodkumaar spoke to this writer saying he does not want to be revealed because many people are skeptic about what he considers serious. But he is in high spirits to explain the numerological system he learnt from India and indicated that my 'story' about numerology should be general since it is practiced by many all over the world. "Job security, financial prosperity and betterment in life led me to go for a name change", Vinodkumaar confessed.

The change in Vinodkumaar's name results from the added corresponding number of each letter in his name. The first letter in his name 'v'
corresponds to number 6. The resultant numbers are added up to get a two-digit number, which in turn is added to get a single digit number. In numerology numbers 0-9 stand for a meaning invoking influences on the personality types.

Since Vinodkumaar does not want to be exposed let me use my name to explain how this curious system works. The name Sunil Cherian has the following parallel numbers:

S - 3 U - 6 N - 5 I - 1 L - 3
C - 3 H - 5 E - 5 R - 2 I - 1
A - 1 N - 5

The numbers are added up to get a 2-digit sum: 3 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 40.

The number 40 is split and added this way: 4 + 0 = 4 My personality number is four and the basic characteristics of the number four are individualism, originality, inventiveness and tolerance.

Vinodkumaar doesn't explain further as to how 'change' occurs when the name is altered. He only says by associating with other number personalities, by harmonizing with the date of one's job application, choosing a phone number that is in line with one's name and the way one writes his/her address can bring about change. Vinodkumaar acknowledges his lack of deep knowledge in numerology and says when in doubt he consults his guru in India.

"Has there been any effect since the change in name?" I called Vinodkumaar again the other day. "No substantial changes, but see my story is coming in your paper", he said in a gist.

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